About Us

No one ever gets up in the morning and say’s “hmmm, I think I’ll be a designer and a contractor today.”  As for me, it started when I was 17 with my mother’s bathroom as first project.  Not to say that I became a contractor right there and then, but I stumbled into something that I enjoy doing accidentally.

I quickly understood that overall my concept was great and it worked, and to my amazement, it lasted.  Although looking back, the work I do now and the work I did then is night and day, I realized that my passion came from a will to create something with a sense of purpose.

But my passion didn’t end with just doing bathroom makeovers.   In life, I always had a drive of doing something new, doing something bigger and better.  So, with confidence and additional skills, I went on doing commercial stores.  I was first retained to gut out an entire store that had been a shoe store for more than 20 years – that’s 20 years of accumulated junk.  Not only the junk was a factor, but I also realized during the phase of demolition, how wrong prior people have done their construction, and what that meant to me.  During the course 20+ years, I have seen how shoddy some work has been done, with a turn of an eye construction details.  Cracked beams, open circuits, wires not being spliced correctly, pluming with no water vent, you name it, I’ve seen it.  I also learned that majority of the public just are more concerned with the cosmetic appearance, rather than having a safe home.

You can achieve the end result cosmetic appearance that you want, but I don’t believe in cutting corners when it comes to safety.  To some contractors it may be considered as “over build.”  But our construction is based on a simple question, of which I ask my workers the same question while they performing – “would I (you) feel comfortable having my (your) child playing in place that was just created?”  This is a fundamental idea we carry from project to project.

After we accomplished the demolition of the shoe store, the building owner had no design ideas.  I took the initiative of convincing the owner that my design was going to revolutionize his store and catapult it into the current time.  He listened, and we delivered a beautiful boutique that belonged in the prime areas of Madison avenue in New York City (The store was in a suburban part of New York).  The owner was so pleased, and he confided in me by letting me know that he was renting the newly created boutique at  double the rent for the same space he was receiving from the previous occupant.

With the overabundant compliments that we have received, and the best form of compliments were the referrals, we went for the gusto, we designed and built a home.  The engineer that we worked with in the design and planning of this home was amazed to see how we did things “by the book” and we did not cut corners.The home was built with so many great amenities, that it became involved in a bidding war between two buyers, who one became the buyer by ultimately purchasing the home by $18,000 more than the asking.  We are also proud to say that with our construction, not one of our houses that we have built had been damaged due to hurricane Sandy.

We understand that construction and the design may be for some a very intense, nerve racking and aggravating process.  To say cliche statements that “customer satisfaction” is our goal is not something that we need to say, why state the obvious.  However our clients refer us and use us because they are satisfied due to the following reasons:

  • Safety of our clients are key, even after the construction phase;
  • We use top grade material in our construction;
  • We use the correct construction material within our construction (ie. you do not use sheet rock screws for decking!)
  • You utilize our years of experiences in your designs (ie, we try to sway you away from a corner sink.)
  • We explain all phases so you will understand the scope of work and the expectations.
  • We try to isolate areas of construction to avoid dust and dirt reaching other areas of your home.
  • We try to keep our construction site neat and clean during any phase.
  • We deliver our finished work on time.
  • We endeavor to build to last.
  • Customer service is key.
  • We endeavor to build equity in your property.

That is why most of our clients return to use us again, and they have said in numerous occasions “worth every penny.”

We look forward in making you as part of our family.