New Deck – Vintage look

Owner of this estate wanted a new deck, but he was concerned that any new material that we would install wouldn’t look inappropriate next to his home which is from the 1800.  His further concern was also that he didn’t want to purchase new lawn furniture, for few reasons: Vintage Exterior Deck  First, is that any new furniture even if it’s going to look dated would still look too new.  Second, the furniture was going to be way too expensive.  Lastly, the furniture looked awful for the price.  So we opted to give him a vintage look deck, and wrapped seating around the perimeter by using the same decking material as seating.  We acid washed the entire deck and seating to give it a worn look, however with immaculate structural integrity.  The previous landscaping filled in, and the deck looked like it was there from previous years.  Whats was really interesting was that we added a very simple design, and yet the same design can be used in any home.  We just added a different finish.