Basement Remodel – Make it theather room – Movie night!!!

Stop fantasizing over the HGTV projects, commit yourself to remodel your basement.    Certainly it’s a big commitment, and if you see you cant do it yourself, Yes, we do more than just the standard rooms that most people are accustomed to.  The home you bought came with an unfinished or a dated basement.  It is a portion of a your home, and your either paying real estate tax or rent for it, why not enjoy it to it’s maximum potential.  I also believe that whenever you’ll be marketing your home for sale, it is definitely a huge plus if you have a finished basement.

One common factor about any basement, whether or not its a new construction or a remodel, is moisture issue.  We encourage that when homes are built, for the basement floor, that proper insulation methods are taken as well as pex piping be run for radiant heating.  Try to have a separate zone for AC.  Your air conditioner also acts as a dehumidifier, and it does come in handy to remove moister in the air when humidity has kicked up.

So the basement has become an area that you can master your art of hording.  But imagine you have an area all removed from the rest of the home, where you can watch TV or listen to your music pretty loud at any time of day or night without disturbing your neighbors, or the people residing in your home?

Most builders decided that it would be too costly to finish basement, so they leave it alone.  How about turning that awful basement into a theater, a game room, a gym, a wine cellar, batting cage or a library.

The picture you see with this post is a theater / media room.  Theater RoomWe isolated one area just for the mechanical and laundry room.  When entering this room, although you are going down stairs, you don’t feel that you are in a basement.  You really think that you are in a room that is part of the house, yet removed.  Sound proofed walls and ceiling, and carpeting on the floor allowed for optimum surround sound.  Sony projector, and Bang and Olufsen surround system.  There is no bad seat in the house, we’ve spaced out the seats and on a platform so you don’t feel that you are seeing over your guest.  The entire room is integrated with remote lighting system.

We soften up the look with deep crowns, baseboard, sconces, and paneling.  All AC/heat diffusers are on the perimeter, so you don’t have a cold/hot draft over you while your watching.  We hid the diffusers (technical word for A/C vents) by the crown surrounding the perimeter of the room.

We’ve pushed everything to one side, to install at a later date a bar area which will include a pop corn machine, fridge, and cabinetry for candies and other items.