Sleek Basement Bathroom Remodel

David June Bathroom pic 3Whenever we commence any basement bathroom remodel projects or any project, we begin with a two fold process.  First, is our obstacles and last is our final goal.

In this project our challenge was to deliver to the homeowner a chic cutting edge bathroom in the basement.  Our first challenge was the ceiling height.   We overcame this obstacle by digging lower, and underpinning the existing foundation.  We were lucky that the sewer line was much lower than what we dug for the finished floor.   We insulated the floor prior to our pour of concrete, and at the same time we were pleased that the homeowner took our suggestion of having floor radiated heat via hydronics.

The local codes dictated that we needed fresh air and windows.  As you can see we lit the entire room with the brand new windows we installed throughout the perimeter.

We installed the roman shower with a waterproof pan underneath, and thereafter was caped with creme marfil stone.  The shower floor is removal made from teak with exterior grade finished.  We hid the drain under the teak floor, while the gap in between the boards rinsed through.  Cabinetry was custom made and is wall mounted with zero plumbing line peeping out.

We thank the homeowner for the opportunity to show their basement bathroom remodel project.