Wine Cellar or Man Cave – you decide.

So she got the closet she always wanted, and it was time for payback from her husband who loves fine cigars and wine.  Wife said absolutely NO to the built in humidor, so the cellar had to do.  Call it a man cave, a mave, or what ever you care to call it.   But it was so surprising to see that during the construction phase, it was the wife who came down more often with her friends to show off the cellar than the husband.  Was the cellar really for him?Devine Wine Cellar

Madam of this residence supplied us with the table which she had purchased in the flea market.  We revamped it by refinishing it.  We installed the entire wine cellar in a pyramid shaped to center.  We have temperature controlled unit installed to keep the temperature of the room at a constant.  Pin lights on the tall basement ceiling, and speakers tied in to the central sound system.  Single panel walnut door with 8 panel mulled windows 8 feet tall, all custom made.  Slate flooring.

Le chaim!